Ep. 90 Rainbow Magic

Ep. 90 Rainbow Magic

It’s that time again kids, time to get weird in all the best ways.  

This week we cover all the crazy paranormal in the news and there’s loads of it people.  We send Nick off to Yertville, and his mission is to find our guy Big Foot.

Nick introduces us to the folklore of the Spectral Black Dog, and tells us the specific story of the hell hound who rocks the English town of East Anglian, Find out the stories of how this Hell Hound terrorized the city and how this story has turned into a pop culture phenomenon.

Kitsie Tells the story of “The Little Green Men of Kelly” and how a family still to this day sticks to the story of Aliens visiting them one night In Kelly-Hopkinsville Kentucky.

We Hear a tale of a listeners ghostly BFF and how it still taunts her family and pets to this day.

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