Ep. 89 I don’t know what that means

Ep. 89 I don’t know what that means

Join Kitsie and Nick for another not so creepy dive into the paranormal.  Things get steamy in more ways than one.

Kitsie has ghost stories told to her during her Botox injection, they talk about Folklore, but not the one you’re thinking about, about the weirdest fashion statement yet that may help in finding Bigfoot, And all the UFO talk in our paranormal in the news.

Kitsie dives deep into the steamy drama that is #witchtok and tires to find out just who hexed the moon. Thanks Listener Kellie for the heads up on this one!

Then we have Nick’s steamy story where he talks about Spectrophilia, once you have sex with a ghost, you love it the most!  Yep, let’s talk about sexy baby, sex with spirits no longer from this world.

And an amazing story from Larissa, who’s childhood ghost friend saved her life.

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