Ep. 85 F*ck you Mercury Retrograde

Ep. 85 F*ck you Mercury Retrograde

TGIF Weirdos.  We’re in full fledged Mercury retrograde, and Kitsie has tips on how to survive.

We’ve go another action packed episode for you, and you’re not going to want to miss it.  UFO’s in Russia, or is that a toy on a selfie stick?

Kitsie dives into a crazy Urban Legend from her home town Bloomington, Indiana.  Have you heard of the Hatchet Man?  This legend is terrifying for anyone attending Indiana University.

And Nick takes us to Enfield….. Illinois and schools us in the tales of the Enfield Creature.

And an amazing heart warming story of a pet spirit who still loves the kiddos.

Be sure to see the video of Kitsie interacting with her ghost Anna at www.patreon.com/OddityFiles