Podcast Episode 110 Preview

Podcast Episode 110 Preview

Ep. 110 Oh No You Don’t Mr. Man

How’s it goin’ Weirdos??    It’s a new day and another episode of creepy, cryptid and other worldly stuff we find on the internet.

Ms Fortune Astrology has a look into our future filled with the snark and the sarcasm we all love.

Nick Floyd talks in depth as much as he can about the upcoming series Sasquatch coming to HULU this spring. Did our beloved actually murder 3 people?!?!

And Kitsie Duncan begs for book sales of’ I’d Rather Talk to Dead People’ so she can afford the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast in Fall River Massachusetts.

Nick tells the heart breaking story of the Legend of the Greenman.

Kitsie takes things down south and covers the Curse of Ursulines Avenue of New Orleans.

A listener story tells the tale of what may or may not be a haunted second hand spirit box.  Send your personal paranormal stories in at oddityfilescrew@gmail.com

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