The Oddisodes: Penshurst State School and Hospital

The Oddisodes: Penshurst State School and Hospital

On this OddiSode: Pennhurst State School and Hospital, originally known as the Eastern Pennsylvania State Institution for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic

In 1968, conditions at Pennhurst were exposed in a television news report anchored by local NBC10 news station, which is where this horrifying footage comes from.

In 1977 it was ruled that the conditions at Pennhurst State School violated patients’ constitutional rights.

In 1983, nine employees were indicted on charges of from beating patients to arranging for patients to assault each other.

With special guests, Kyler Shinn, Trevor Collins, and The FanFest staff and SJ from Penshurst.

A special thanks to Corey Hewitt and all the kids at FanFest!!