Oddity Files the podcast (episode 14 They’re Here)

Oddity Files the podcast (episode 14 They’re Here)

Ep. 14: They’re Here

Released Mar 01, 2019

That’s right kids your favorite Paranormal Podcast is back for another week of creepy tales a bout the paranormal, the cursed, the unexplained, crypts, urban legends, aliens, conspiracy theories and more

This week, Kitsie walks us through the unexplainable and tragic events surrounding the Poltergeist Franchise, while Clayton covers the lesser-known cryptozoology enigma, the Minnesota Iceman.

PLUS, things hit a little closer to home as we sit down with Rob Graves, the owner of Fox Hollow Farms, to talk about paranormal activity surrounding Indianapolis serial killer Herb Baumeister.  Check out Rob’s book, The Horrors of Fox Hollow Farm, pre-order NOW on Amazon

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