Oddity Files: The Podcast (episode 13 shiver me timbers)

Oddity Files: The Podcast (episode 13 shiver me timbers)

Bon Voyage! This week, Oddity Files is setting sail and taking to the seas.

From the Walker Stalker Cruise, Kitsie and Clayton record the episode from the high seas. On a boat with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Melissa McBride, Cooper Andrews, Tom Payne and many more. They pull themselves away from all the glamor of the Walking Dead themed cruise and tell you about some creepy things!!

Clayton discusses the owl-like Bahamian cryptid, the Chickcharney, and Kitsie explores the lesser known side of Ted Bundy–the haunting of his childhood home. PLUS, a story from our friend Jim that’ll send shivers up ‘yer spine! 

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