Oddity Files: the podcast (ep.11 Otherworldly)

Oddity Files: the podcast (ep.11 Otherworldly)

From UFO sightings, to demons, to abductions; this week, we’re going out of this world. Clayton takes to the skies with the U.S.S Nimitz Sighting, and Kitsie brings it closer to hell with the malevolent demon of the Smurl Family Haunting. PLUS, an INSANE encounter/abduction story from our friend, Trevor.

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We’re a paranormal investigative team, we have a TV show on Amazon Prime, and we do a little podcast about the paranormal world, everything from ghosts, to demons, to hauntings, to poltergeists, big foot, motorman and all the cryptic monsters, curses to aliens, to anything that’s weird and exciting.