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What are these entities that we search for and why are they so hard to find?

Tony Dennett : December 11, 2013 12:14 pm : Blog, Tony's Blog

I am an inquisitive type person. I am constantly asking why or how about a variety of subjects. It is for this reason that I became interested in the paranormal. I want to find out the why and how of these experiences that people through out history have reported. I want to have my many questions answered. It is what keeps me going in this field where ninety-nine point nine nine percent of the time you seem to be wasting your time talking to empty space in the dark. It is those fleeting, one one-hundredth of a percent moments that make it worthwhile. The chance to find an answer to a question that has so far evaded discovery but I realize we are chasing ghosts, literally. There is a reason that phrase is used to describe the pursuit of something impossible. It isn’t easy. In fact it gets pretty boring and for someone like me, who is bored easily in the first place, it is a challenge to stay on task and much of what I do winds up as blooper footage or on the cutting room floor. But on those extremely rare occasions that I do experience something, I am on it. I want to take advantage of the situation and find out exactly what I am dealing with and find out whether or not I need to be prepared for something dangerous. I need to know exactly what sort of entity this is. So I ask the “entities” we encounter to answer some basic questions that help me classify the type of manifestation we are dealing with.

Before I continue, I think maybe I should clarify what I mean by the term “entities.” There are many different planes of existence. Most people know this intuitively. Many of the worlds religions talk about the various planes of existence. Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Nirvana, whatever it is called it means the same thing, that there is something other than this life. Another place where things exist. In physics there is talk of “branes” short for membranes and they even have mathematical equations that they use to show how these branes are shaped and precisely how many dimensions (or as I like to think of them planes of existence) there are. The details about my theories on planes of existence I will leave for another post, but suffice it to say that there are other planes of existance than the one that we call “the real world.” So far I have identified three different types of entities that we have dealt with during our investigations and one that I suspect exists but we have yet to discover. I have listed the types in the order of rarity with one being the most common and four being the rarest.

1. The Trapped Spirit – This is the most common entity that we encounter. This entity is capable of interacting with us and shows some level of intelligence. This type of entity displays knowledge of life on our plane of existence. They have memories of their life in our world and many times of their passing (death). They display emotional responses and sometimes ask for help. While I do not think these are the actual souls of people who once lived, I do have a theory that explains their presence in our world. These are the remnants of the life force, or energy, that inhabited a physical body that once lived on our plane of existence but became stuck during the transition to another plane either by accident or design. These are semi-sentient shadows of the people who once lived not the actual person. The level of interaction that they can have with our plane of existence is related to the proximity of the fold of their current plane to the fold of ours and how much energy they are composed of or the amount of energy available to them from some external source (some of these sentient beings can feed upon the energy around them to make their interactions stronger if they are close enough to this reality). It isn’t like they lose a part of themselves, it is more like they leave a spiritual duplicate of themselves as they pass through the fabric of reality. Sometimes these duplicates are brighter and clearer than others, but they are just copies and not the original.

2. The Echo – Some life events involve the release of large amounts of energy in the form of emotion. These releases of energy, under the right conditions, can leave an impression that echoes and ripples across realities. These entities tend to be seen performing the same repetitive activity again and again. These entities do not normally interact with our reality. Depending upon the energy level of the echo their may be no “sentience” at all. These entities do not appear to have independent consciousness but are more like recordings being watched. There are times when they may react to us as if they noticed us but this is generally an illusion caused by our energy affecting the ripples of the echo or by our interpretation of the echo. This is the same illusion you get when someone seems to make eye contact with you. Have you ever been at a crowded location and seen someone look at you and wave then when you are waving in return, or usually about the time you get your arm up in a half wave, you realize that they are not looking at you at all but someone behind you? That is what is going on here many times. They are actually interacting with something that has nothing to do with the observer. Another cause of these seeming interactions is that this echo of energy has a flow and shape of its own that can be disturbed by our energy in the same way a rock can change the size and shape of ripples in a stream.

3. The Demon: These are malevolent life forms that exist on a plane parallel to ours but close enough that they can manifest themselves here in various ways. There are rules to their existence. They are bound to these rules in the same way we are bound to the laws of physics. These entities are usually mischievous or are looking to cause harm, pain and suffering of some sort. These entities can, under specific circumstances, take possession of a body and damage the soul. These entities exhibit abilities that make them seem precognitive but I believe it is a parlor trick made possible by their ability to “see” more than we can. I call this the “intelligence of perspective.” For example, say you are travelling down a narrow, winding road lined with trees on either side. You may catch glimpses of what is ahead of you and you can read the signs along the way. You may even get road reports about the journey from others on the road ahead of you. However you do not know, for certain, what lies ahead. These entities,however, have a different perspective and are not restricted in the way you are when travelling. While you are stuck on the road, these entities can fly above the trees. They can move through the woods and see the road ahead. These entities can see what lies ahead of you long before you can. It is quite possible that they can see the entire road from beginning to end. With this knowledge they can amaze you with their ability to predict the future but it is not a true prediction because they do not know for certain what is really going to happen along the way. If there is a fork in the road, these entities do not know which one you are going to take. They know it is there and that it is coming but they don’t actually “know” which way you are going to turn. Of course they can make predictions based on knowledge of what others have done or knowledge of what you have done in the past but nothing is certain when free will is involved. Also there are things that happen on the road which they can not control. There are forces at work that they can not resist and rules that they must follow. Sure, they can set up pits and traps that will affect your journey but free will allows you to get through them if you choose to do so.  By the way, these are the only entities that I fear personally.

And the finally, the one entity that I suspect exists but have not experienced is “The Others.” These are the life forms that while similar to demons, are just living on another plane in another time-space and have not existed here in our reality and probably do not know that our reality even exists. In fact we may be “ghosts” to them as well. These are actual living things that we can experience through some weird thinning or co-mingling of realities that allows us to see through the planes and experience what is on the other side in a way that is not understood.

Now, the “why are they so hard to find” part. Why are they so hard to find? If these entities exist, why don’t we experience them more often? Well I believe there are several reasons. First and foremost types one, two and four are rare. I mean exceptionally rare in the way that fossils are rare. It takes a very specific set of events to create a fossil. Billions of creatures have died on this planet and yet rarely are the conditions right for a fossil to form. Most of the time things work as they are supposed to work. Planes of existence remain separated, energy dissipates effectively, time flows unimpeded, but occasionally things get out of whack and on even rarer occasions people are present to experience these events as manifestations and ghost encounters. In the case of type three, the reason is simply that the demons do not normally interact with us directly due to the rules that are in place controlling/limiting such interaction.

In addition to the fact that it takes a very specific set of conditions to enable the manifestation to occur it also takes energy, especially in the cases of a type one or two incident. This energy level can fluctuate and even eventually dissipate which is the reason that much activity seems to come and go over time and is also why the world isn’t literally crawling with “ghosts.” It may have something to do with energy levels induced by the presence of people, electrical and magnetic fields (both natural and man made), solar energy, thermal energy or other unknown sources such as extraterrestrial bursts of radiation etc.  It could also be that energy from an event or series of events, discharges like a battery and eventually fades away or that it discharges like a capacitor and must build up slowly until such time as it can discharge again. Whatever the analogy, it is this energy that rises and falls over time inducing paranormal activity. This means that the odds of experiencing an event even in a place known to have frequent manifestations is a crap shoot. If all of the factors and prerequisite events do not line up nothing is going to happen, no matter how hard you try.

Despite all my attempts I have never been able to force an event to occur. You must be careful when you begin to get desperate and start grasping at straws. No one wants to feel like they are wasting their time. No one likes to spend hours researching the history of a place, packing gear, traveling to a location, hours setting up equipment, and then spend many more hours or even days searching for something and finding nothing. Especially when other investigators have been there before and experienced “amazing” things. But despite this disappointment, you must not try to force an experience to happen. That is where errors come from. That is how you begin to “find” evidence that doesn’t really exist. If you stare into the dark long enough you will begin to “see” shapes moving there even if their aren’t. If you listen to the silence long enough you will begin to “hear” things that are not there. It is completely natural to want to experience something but you have to accept that sometimes it is just the wind, an animal, the sound of the building settling, or even just your imagination trying to force something that is not there. Sometimes it is just you alone, in a dark room, talking to yourself.  But then again, on those rare occasions when things are just right, there are things that do go bump in the night and you suddenly and sometimes painfully become aware of the fact that you are not alone. There is an entity right there with you.

Tony Dennett

Tony’s Introduction

Tony Dennett : August 23, 2013 5:57 pm : Blog, Tony's Blog


Hi, I am Tony Dennett and I am a paranormal researcher/investigator. I am also a skeptic.

I do not believe that the spirits of the dead are lingering in between worlds for any reason. I do believe in an afterlife, but I do not believe that the dearly departed can communicate with or manifest themselves to the living. I do believe that there are forces, energies and entities that we do not understand. I base my beliefs on both science and religion. I believe in God, so it follows that I believe in heaven and hell, angels and demons, and life after death. I also know that we have not discovered everything there is to know about the universe. There are always new discoveries in almost every field of science. A new mammal was discovered just this week. New sub atomic particles are being discovered. Quantum physics is describing things that we never could have imagined. So I am open to discovering new and unknown things which is why I became interested in the paranormal as a child.

I think that most “paranormal” events that people have experienced can be explained away either through the application of science, or as out right fraud. However, there are things that defy explanation and those are the things that intrigue me. For instance, during a recent outing with the Oddity Files crew we all experienced what appears to have been a manifestation that traveled toward us like a wave. It moved rapidly and triggered our detection equipment in steps as it approached. This “force” or “presence” was palpable and made me very uncomfortable. There were several incidents at the location that I could not explain away. What were they? I have no idea. I think that some sentient energy exists beyond our normal comprehension. Just like people these beings can be kind or malevolent and everything in between.

I hope that by continuing to look into the dark and less explored spaces of life that I will be able to find the answers to many of the great mysteries that still abound in the world around us. I also take great pleasure in knowing that we will be bringing all of you with us on our great adventure into the realms of the unknown, the odd and the paranormal.

— Tony

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