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Jon Heitler : December 8, 2013 3:00 am : Jon's Blog


Not much is new. I’ve added a new animal to my hate list; the spricket. At a location the basement was full of these demonic spider/cricket concoctions that Clayton named sprickets. Something I do like is the laser grid. It’s awesome to see a dark room or hallways covered in green dots or lined with a red grid. I’m still scared during investigations (I don’t see that ever changing). Recently I was scared so bad I got a case of earthquake hand, which is an awful way to use a camera. Till the next time I post completely random nonsense, have fun and if you’re bored of course watch Oddity Files but after that watch The Town. Amazing movie and great accents.

Jon Heitler

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Jon Heitler : September 10, 2013 6:00 pm : Blog, Jon's Blog


As a believer in the paranormal, I have always enjoyed watching paranormal TV shows and movies. I’m a big fan of Ghost AdventuresGhost Hunters and of course the great Deep South Paranormal. I was ecstatic when I was invited on an investigation with the Oddity Files crew. The whole drive to the location I thought I would be a Zak style investigator; I was going to stand up to the big scary ghosts and have no fear. Once we set up and shut the lights off I turned into an early season Aaron. I’d like to say as I’ve gone on more investigations I’ve become more comfortable and confident but I haven’t, I’m a sissy. Especially when Tony gets bored and thinks it’d be funny to scare the hell out of me. I have learned a few things on investigations: 1. All bats should die 2. Kentucky is a very cultured and accepting place 3. Candy stores can make grown men giddy.



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