Oddity File: Randolph County Asylum (Full Episode) REAL ghost communication

May 13, 2017 in Episodes

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The original infirmary also known in it’s time as a Poor House, was constructed in 1851 but was destroyed two years later in a fire. The final and current infirmary, built in 1899, is the structure that stands today in Winchester Indiana

The Randolph County Infirmary provided housing and care for individuals who were unable to work, including the mentally and physically disabled, single mothers, the elderly and orphans. It then went on to be a Tuberculosis Infirmary, and even later an assisted living home.

Stories say, all who enters the infirmary experience some type of haunting: doors slamming, footsteps in the halls, women screaming, crashing sounds in the cafeteria and the basement, and apparitions and shadowy figures seen through ambient light.