Oddity File: Culbertson Mansion (Full Episode) Spirit Communication Paranormal Evidence

July 23, 2017 in Episodes, Kitsie's Blog

On the banks of the Ohio River just outside of Louisville Kentucky sits this grand home.

Nestled among several homes from a time forgotten.

Culbertson Mansion reflects the affluence of a man once considered to be the wealthiest in Indiana. In 1867, William S. Culbertson spent about $120,000 to build his majestic home in New Albany.

Culbertson invested much of his wealth in New Albany. He funded and supervised the construction of the Culbertson Widows Home, and founded the Cornelia Memorial Orphans Home, named for the second of his three wives.

Oddity files is honored to be the fist paranormal team to be allowed to investigate this amazing masterpiece. And tell the stories that lie within.

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