Holiday Spirit

Holiday Spirit

We hope this post finds you all well. Just a little update on things around here. We are still waiting on the approval process to get Season 2 on to Amazon Prime Direct. This process has been, to say the least, a total nightmare. We have been waiting almost 2 months for things to be approved, and have been karate chopping our way through all the red tape. We had originally hoped it would be released around Thanksgiving, but sadly here we sit waiting not so patiently. We are so excited for you all to see it, and will let you know as soon as it is up.

In the mean time, we’ve released 4 episodes of Oddity Files: the Podcast to hopefully get you your fill of our quirky personalities and some spooky stories with a bit of humor.

You can listen on most of the major podcasting apps such as Apple Podcasts, stitcher, spotify, google play, and pod bean. Just search for Oddity Files. If you like what we’re doing please be sure to rate subscribe and download, and then tell friend you think midnight like it. We are also looking for your stories to tell on the podcast, if you have one, drop us a line, and we’ll add it to a future episode. Email us directly here:

After the new year, we will be booking new locations to investigate so we can get going with Season 4. If you have a location you would like us to investigate, drop us a line at

Well, we just wanted to take a moment to wish you all well, and give you the latest news on what is happening in our world of the Paranormal.


The Oddity Files Crew