Heading down south today…..

Heading down south today…..

Very excited about today’s investigation. This is the first time we will be investigating a location the big guns have been to 🙂 I’ve head so many great things about this place too, so I am pretty stoked. Be sure to check out our facebook, twitter and instagram pages for fun pictures and updates.

I just want to say, if you’re reading this, then your watching the shows, and if you’re watching the show, I thank you. This has been so much fun, and I have met so many great people in this field. I learn something new ALL THE TIME, and honestly that is an amazing feeling!! If you like the show, tell your friends about the show. You will not believe how many people I have met that are into the paranormal, that I would have never guessed. So tell you friends and family to come and check us out, and if they like us to tell their friends 🙂

Right now we’re at about an episode a month. and once we have more help we’ll hopefully bump that up to 2 a month. This second season has been such a blast with the new team, I can’t even begin to tell you. And the 3rd season is just going to be bigger and better!!

Last month I was lucky enough to hang with Grant Wilson on one of his Ghost Walks with Wizard World. Here are a few fun pictures:






It was a BLAST!! Thanks to my girl Zarah and Aaron Sagers for making that night a BLAST!!

That about wraps things up for me today, wish us luck on tonight’s investigation, I have a feeling ti’s going to be epic!!

Make your day awesome!!