This page contains a listing of Oddity Files Episodes. 

  • Oddity FIle: Story Inn Bed and Breakfast

    Season 2 Episode 1 – Story Inn

    The Oddity Files crew heads to Story Indiana and it’s population of one. Story Indiana is now a quaint retreat and bed and breakfast known for it’s resident spirit ‘The Blue Lady’ Find out if the crew makes contact with The Blue Lady, or is there more ...

  • Oddity Files investigates the Edinburgh Bed and Breakfast

    Season 2 Episode 2 – Edinburgh Bed and Breakfast (full episode)

    The Oddity Files crew heads to Edinburgh, IN. This house was built in the 1800’s and has such stories to tell. You won’t belive what we heard when we listened.

  • Oddity File: Panzarotti’s (Hamilton House)

    This historical home that sits in the heartland of America is a waiting room for the spiritual realm.

  • Oddity File: JailHouse Pizza

    Though records for the jail were lost in a horrific tornado in 1974, the prisoners are still telling their story.

    Join the Oddity Files crew as they investigate the Old Meade County jail in Bradenburg, KY Now a functioning pizzeria.

  • Oddity File: Old Lake County Jailhouse

    The old Lake County Jail closed it’s doors to inmates and officers in the late 70’s. But rumor hasn’t they all haven’t left. This is the prison John Dillinger escaped from. Al Capone’s personal assassin was sentenced to life here. Who is haunting the Old Lake County Jail?

  • Oddity File: Guyer Opera House

    The Oddity Files crew investigates the Guyer Opera House of Lewisville Indiana.
    Searching for things that literally go bump on this night. The place is known for Shadow figures , EVP’s,
    Does the old Morgue live up to the hype of people being touched and whispers in the night?
    Find out on this episode of ...

  • Oddity File: The Conrad Caldwell House Museum

    Welcome to season 3 here we get a rare chance to invesigate the Conrad Caldwell house in Louisville Kentucky.

    There were many personal experiences at the Conrad Calwell House Muesum. We had a great investigation. Please stop by for a tour, more info at

  • Oddity File: Octagon Hall Museum

    Paranormal investigating Raw and Uncensored is the Oddity Files way!

    We visited Octagon Hall one of the most haunted locations in the south, rich in Civil War history and the fact that it was a stop on the underground railroad lends to some of the many reasons why this odd house is so haunted.

  • Oddity File: Haunted Opera House Rossville, IL

    Paranormal investigating Raw and Uncensored is the Oddity Files way!

    Although the history and the story of the building may be unclear, it is clear that many have experienced paranormal activity.

    There are a few spirits that dont take kindly to paranormal ingestigators like ourselves popping in for a visit. The Tyler being the most notorious.

  • Oddity File: Bistro 301 Louisville, Kentucky

    We’re RAW, UNCENSORED, and in search of the evidence others can’t find.

    In Louisville Kentucky, sits Bistro 301. Known for it’s upscale casual dining in the heart of Louisville. This restaurant is located in one of the cities historic buildings on the corner of third and market.
    Patrons know this location for it’s culinary delights and ...