Ep 68 People are Generally Disappointing

Ep 68 People are Generally Disappointing

People are Generally Disappointing

Happy Friday the 13th!!  This week Clayton and Kitsie are back in the Podcast Dungeon.

The Odd Squad talks about the start of filming for season 4 of Oddity Files (the tv show) on Amazon Prime.

Why we’re different than the other guys, when we’re on our Ghost Adventures.

Wait WHAT, Dead bodies found by ghost hunters, NOPE!

Kitsie finds out she has serial killer potential

Clayton laughs at a bad review on IMDB, Should he just start crocheting?

Kitsie Covers the happily ever after story of Lizbeth (Lizzie) Borden

Clayton informs us about the other worldly phenomenon the Marfil Lights in Texas.

And a listener story tells us how her EX was haunted!!

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