Ep. 64 Contact your physician before taking Thelema.

Ep. 64 Contact your physician before taking Thelema.

Happy the day a saint lost his head LITERALLY! errrrm We mean Valentines Day!

The podcast dungeon is over flowing with information today.

Kitsie tells the story of Allister Crowley the Narcissistic self proclaimed bisexual magician/occultist. Clayton tell the surprising story of land locked Mermaids and how they may or may not be slightly scorned.

We also touch on Kitsie’s thoughts on the Amazing Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. ALL HAIL THE QUEEN OF HELL! Is Pixar going to cover the Paranormal??  Oh my we sure hope so!!

Paranormal in the news covers some paranormal Drama, Save that shit for your MAMA!

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