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Oddity Files presents … The OddiSodes: Stepp Cemetery – Searching for the lady in white.

August 9, 2017 in Clayton's Blog, Episodes, Kitsie's Blog

Oddity Files: OddiSodes are a new addition to the Oddity Files library. They are more like episodes for those with ADD. Straight to the point, and action packed.

Clayton Abbott and Kitsie Duncan of the Oddity Files Crew head to Stepp Cemetery, located in the heart of the Morgan-Monroe state forest in Indiana.

The urban legends and stories from this location are legendary

The main story one hears about this location is of the lady in white, the mother of Baby Lester, allegedly buried in a makeshift grave in 1987.

Folklore says she comes out at night, sits on her stump and cries over a child taken too soon.

Lets see what the evidence has to say.

Clayton Abbott

What is Paranormal?

August 5, 2013 in Blog, Clayton's Blog


What exactly is “Paranormal…” that’s what I thought to myself when I was first asked to join the Oddity Files crew.

The actual definition of paranormal is “of or pertaining to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific
explanation.” So in some sense, we, as paranormal investigators, are explorers, set out to find something that scientists haven’t yet
discovered. I was beyond excited to begin going on these investigations, one because I thought it would be interesting to visit these
historic places, such as the prison that John Dillinger escaped from, second and most importantly because I’m a skeptic… yes I don’t
really believe in whatever it is we are looking for.

I find it very hard to believe that I am going to round a corner and one of Casper’s friends will be taking a leisurely stroll down the
corridor of an old sanatorium. However after a few investigations I am getting a lot more intrigued with EVP’s. There’s just something
about reviewing footage and sound recordings and hearing “something” in the midst of you asking it questions. I’m not quite ready to say
that I believe in it, but let’s just say I’m warming up to the idea.
– Clayton