All the updates!

All the updates!

So life has been pretty crazy and I’ve fallen behind on updates here to the website. It’s mostly because I’ve been editing the heck out of Season 3 for Amazon Prime. So this will be a multi update post with the last few episodes of ODDITY FILES: the podcast all linked below. Sorry, but trust me it will be SO SO SO worth it!


Episode 37:
This week, we’re back in the podcast dungeon! Kitsie explores the halls of the infamously sinister Cecil Hotel, and Clayton gives us another cryptid that rolls right off the tongue—the Altamaha-ha. Plus, a poltergeist story from our listener, Missy!
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Episode 36
LIVE! At GalaxyCon Raleigh

We’re coming to you live once again, this time from GalaxyCon Raleigh 2019! This week, we dive into creepy North Carolinian hauntings & cryptids, as Clayton explores the Mordecai House, and Kitsie shares eyewitness accounts of the Vampire Beast of Bladenboro.
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Episode 35
To Not Be Continued

In this week’s haunting double feature, Kitsie explores the twisted halls of Summerwind Mansion, and Clayton prepares for liftoff by investigating the mysterious hauntings of NASA’s Launch Complex 34. 
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