Oddity files was started by Kitsie Duncan, she within the last few years became intrigued by the paranormal and wanted to know more.  So she drug her husband Chris Jay along on her first investigation, and they were both blown away by some of the evidence that was captured.  Kitsie’s take on the Paranormal is; she wants to believe.  Chris’ take is much more skeptical.  But he doesn’t dismiss every piece of evidence as something earthly.

Kitsie and Chris were taught by the Paranormal group WPRS (Wabash Paranormal Research Society) And it is with their knowledge and their help that Oddity Files was created.  Our first tow episodes showcase WPRS’s skills and ethics.

Later investigators Jenny Brooks, Tony Dennet, Clayton Abbott, and Jon Heitler join Chris and Kitsie full time.  Our entire team all has a different outlook on the paranormal, which makes the team a good mix of personality types.  From believers, to total skeptics, to I don’t want to believe.

Here’s what lead investigator Kitsie Duncan has to say about her paranormal quest to find the oddities out there “Paranormal research is an odd bird, I think that’s why I am so drawn to it. I just want to find out what is out there, what causes my recorder to capture a child’s voice asking if I’m his mommy? What causes the shadow movement we’ve seen, what causes the noises we hear or our equipment to seemingly answer questions. None of it is really proof of anything, but it intrigues the HELL out of me”