3 full seasons on Amazon Prime Video

3 full seasons on Amazon Prime Video


Now available in the US and UK.

Season 3 of Oddity Files is now available for download on Amazon Prime Video and is free for Prime members in the US and UK.

The Oddity Files crew is known for their unique paranormal investigation style, they are getting the evidence and telling the stories of the spirits in these locations. Kitsie Duncan investigates with Clayton Abbott & Carter Jostes. Together they continue to bring you the paranormal evidence from some of the scariest locations, and let you decide if ghosts are out there.

Kitsie, Clayton and Carter will Investigate some of the notoriously haunted locations in the US.

Octagon Hall

Octagon Hall is a notoriously haunted historic location with ties to the Civil War and Slavery. Kitsie, Clayton and Carter find out the stories this location has to tell, and just who is Haunting Octagon Hall.


Mitchell Opera House

The Mitchell Opera House in Indiana had never been investigated for paranormal activity until the Oddity Files Crew came in to investigate. Who is haunting the Opera House, and are the ghosts really investigating Kitsie, Clayton and Carter?

Fear Factory

Fear Factory in Salt Lake City is a Haunted attraction known for it’s demonic paranormal activity. Kitsie Clayton and Carter will come in and find out who is REALLY haunting this truly haunted Haunted attraction.

Red Key Indiana

The entire town of RedKey Indiana is haunted. With ties to murder, gangsters, suicides and all the history that lend to the perfect paranormal storm. Kitsie, Clayton and Carter get more than that bargain for when they arrive in RedKey.

Waverley Hills Sanatorium

Waverly Hills Sanatorium is historically haunted by many spirits. This sprawling location is filled with Legend and Lore that dates back many years. Kitsie Clayton and Carter bring along friends James and Arianna to find out if the ghost stories are real, and just who is haunting the former hospital.

Bobby Mackey’s

Bobby Mackey’s in Wilder Kentucky is a location that has been known for years for the demonic activity. The lore and legends surrounding this location are enough to give anyone nightmares. But just who is haunting this Kentucky Hokey Tonk, & what is the story behind the spirits who are lingering. Kitsie, Clayton & Carter find out the stories beyond the legend and lore at this haunted location.