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Oddity File: Jailhouse Pizza – The night he came home

September 8, 2017 in Clayton's Blog, Episodes, Kitsie's Blog

This is our second investigation of Jailhouse Pizza in Brandenburg Kentucky. Our first time around had us assuming we left with spirit attachment of sorts. Find out what happens when we try and find out more about the entity and try to see if we can take it back home. we’re calling this Episode ‘The night He Came home’ as this is Clayton’s home coming so to speak

Will he be nervous, will he be determined, will he be excited.

Oddity Files

Oddity Files presents … The OddiSodes: Stepp Cemetery – Searching for the lady in white.

August 9, 2017 in Clayton's Blog, Episodes, Kitsie's Blog

Oddity Files: OddiSodes are a new addition to the Oddity Files library. They are more like episodes for those with ADD. Straight to the point, and action packed.

Clayton Abbott and Kitsie Duncan of the Oddity Files Crew head to Stepp Cemetery, located in the heart of the Morgan-Monroe state forest in Indiana.

The urban legends and stories from this location are legendary

The main story one hears about this location is of the lady in white, the mother of Baby Lester, allegedly buried in a makeshift grave in 1987.

Folklore says she comes out at night, sits on her stump and cries over a child taken too soon.

Lets see what the evidence has to say.

Oddity Files

Oddity File: Culbertson Mansion (Full Episode) Spirit Communication Paranormal Evidence

July 23, 2017 in Episodes, Kitsie's Blog

On the banks of the Ohio River just outside of Louisville Kentucky sits this grand home.

Nestled among several homes from a time forgotten.

Culbertson Mansion reflects the affluence of a man once considered to be the wealthiest in Indiana. In 1867, William S. Culbertson spent about $120,000 to build his majestic home in New Albany.

Culbertson invested much of his wealth in New Albany. He funded and supervised the construction of the Culbertson Widows Home, and founded the Cornelia Memorial Orphans Home, named for the second of his three wives.

Oddity files is honored to be the fist paranormal team to be allowed to investigate this amazing masterpiece. And tell the stories that lie within.

Dr Webb the murderous dentist story debunked. Just another Urban Legend.

Oddity Files

Oddity File: Wonder Box home session with Kitise (she finds out she has a spirit attachment) REAL ghost communication

May 22, 2017 in Episodes, Kitsie's Blog

Kitsie was doing an Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) experiment with the wonder box. She ended up finding out a spirit from a past investigation had attached himself to her. (this was originally recorded just for research purposes, and was never intend to be posted anywhere)

Apps used were the Spiritus App and the Portal Plus app.

Oddity Files

Oddity File: Randolph County Asylum (Full Episode) REAL ghost communication

May 13, 2017 in Episodes

We’re RAW, UNCENSORED, and find the evidence others can’t.

The original infirmary also known in it’s time as a Poor House, was constructed in 1851 but was destroyed two years later in a fire. The final and current infirmary, built in 1899, is the structure that stands today in Winchester Indiana

The Randolph County Infirmary provided housing and care for individuals who were unable to work, including the mentally and physically disabled, single mothers, the elderly and orphans. It then went on to be a Tuberculosis Infirmary, and even later an assisted living home.

Stories say, all who enters the infirmary experience some type of haunting: doors slamming, footsteps in the halls, women screaming, crashing sounds in the cafeteria and the basement, and apparitions and shadowy figures seen through ambient light.

Oddity Files

Oddity File: Revenant Acres (Full Episode)

February 7, 2017 in Episodes

We’re RAW, UNCENSORED, and find the evidence others can’t.

In this episode of Oddity Files, we investigate Revenant Acres Farm in Charlottsville Indaiana. There is no history of this old farm house, but boy does it have a story to tell.

The evidence speaks for it’s self. Spirits captured on our full spectrum camera, our spirit box captures several voices with relevant answers, and a little girl spirit loved playing with our K2 meter.

Oddity Files

Oddity File: Whispers Estate

November 4, 2016 in Episodes

We’re RAW, UNCENSORED, and want to find the evidence others can’t.

Whispers Estate was built in 1894 (earliest discovered records).

In 1899 (or 1901, depending on which source you reference), Dr John and Jessie Gibbons purchased the house from the original owners, Dr George and Sarah White. Dr John and Jessie Gibbons reportedly adopted abandoned/orphaned children. One of these children, a 10-year old girl named Rachael, started a fire in the front parlor, being badly burned, and died 2 days later in one of the upstairs bedrooms. But, you can still hear, and sometimes see, her running around the house today.

Oddity Files

Haunted Benton Farm

July 12, 2016 in Episodes

We’re RAW, UNCENSORED, and want to find the evidence others can’t.

Built in 1901 this now empty farmhouse in Walton, KY is still filled with spirits of the past. Some have been there a long time, and some have been brought in under dark circumstances.

Oddity Files

Oddity File: Haunted Roades Hotel

May 30, 2016 in Episodes

We’re RAW, UNCENSORED, and want to find the evidence others can’t.

The Roads Hotel is an historical place located in Hamilton county Indiana. Roads Hotel was built July25, 1893 and has made its mark on history as a hotel, brothel, speak easy, and boarding house. Many people have passed though the doors of this hotel but not all of them have left.

Oddity Files

Oddity File: Bistro 301 Louisville, Kentucky

May 11, 2016 in Episodes

We’re RAW, UNCENSORED, and in search of the evidence others can’t find.

In Louisville Kentucky, sits Bistro 301. Known for it’s upscale casual dining in the heart of Louisville. This restaurant is located in one of the cities historic buildings on the corner of third and market.
Patrons know this location for it’s culinary delights and it’s great atmosphere, but some know it for what goes on in this location after hours.